Why do some people think Blockchain.com is a scam?

Since 2017, I’ve been told that Blockchain com might be a scam. So, I haven’t really thought about it.

But, it seems like it’s still active. I’m curious: why do people say it’s a scam? Did they do something wrong before, like what happened with Robinhood?

And if it’s a scam, how come it’s still operating? Why hasn’t it been shut down like Celsius?

Blockchain.com has received criticism for earlier problems, although its operationality implies legitimacy or a lack of proof. Researching its history and consumer feedback can provide clarity, underlining the significance of due diligence in financial transactions.

It’s understandable to be cautious.

There have been concerns around Blockchain.com, similar to what happened with Robinhood.

Beware of anything claiming to be a Bitcoin wallet but asking for your private keys. Real wallets never need your private keys to spend your Bitcoin, so it’s a red flag and likely a scam.