Which mobile wallet is the safest for holding Bitcoin at the moment?

Hey there. I want to keep my Bitcoin safe in the best wallet available for iPhones. I mean a wallet that’s super secure, hasn’t been hacked, is dependable, and has a great reputation. And I want one where I’m in control, not someone else.

I heard some bad stuff about Ledger recently, and things change a lot, so I’m not sure what’s the top choice for keeping Bitcoin safe on iPhones right now.

I’m thinking about using Blockstream Green, but I’d like to hear what you think before I decide. Thanks a bunch for your help!

Oh, and just so you know, I can’t buy a hardware wallet myself. I’d have to go through someone else, which doesn’t make sense for me. But the amount of Bitcoin I have isn’t so high that I’m super worried about it.

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Considering your requirements, Blockstream Green is a solid choice as it is known for its security features and giving users control over their private keys. It has a good reputation in the community and hasn’t been reported to have significant security breaches.

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In this era where scammers are emerging right left and center, taking a step to protect your Bitcoins is the best step.
Since you are looking for an iPhone wallet that is secure and reliable and of course the one over which you have control, I would recommend The Blockstream Green Wallet.
It is a popular non-custodial option that focuses on security and gives you full control over your funds. In addition, it supports the Liquid network and is available on multiple platforms, including iOS.
Finally, it has a clean user interface and a set of usability and security features suitable for both beginners and advanced users.
For security purposes, it offers various two-factor authentication methods to enhance security