What's the scoop on Matt Taibbi's AMA?

Hey guys, have you heard about Matt Taibbi’s AMA on Reddit’s Bitcoin community? I saw it pop up and wondered what it’s all about. Seems like it could be interesting, right? I’m curious to know what he’s talking about and if there are any insightful discussions happening there.

Anyone checked it out yet?

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Matt Taibbi doesn’t seem to have done a recent AMA (Ask Me Anything). There are a couple of possibilities:

  • It might be an older event. There was an AMA with Substack and Matt Taibbi in discussion about a new journalism business model on Hacker News, but it likely happened a while back.
  • You might have gotten the platform wrong. Matt Taibbi is active online and might have done a Q&A session on another platform.
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I checked it out and this is what I could see going down there:

  • People asked him questions about his work, his opinions on various topics, and even personal stuff like if he’s ever met Hunter S. Thompson.

  • He talked about breaking up big banks, Occupy Wall Street, and other issues.

  • Some users asked about his silence on Bitcoin, while others praised his journalism.

  • A lot of interesting discussions happened there for sure.