What's the legit way to get a bitcoin account

My gal invested in Bitcoin years ago, and we all forgot about it. She passed away, and we recently found paperwork with the address and private key. I can’t figure out how to import this wallet so the funds are accessible. Can someone help? I don’t have the security phrase, only the private key. How can I retrieve this money?


First i would like to disclose to you. Don’t answer DMs.

There will be plenty of YouTube tutorials on this. You have some learning to do.

Don’t trust anyone to help you with this.

My advice would be to make a wallet with a tiny amount in it, and try to learn to recover that, you could even ask people to help you recover that one.


Sorry about your gal.

Reminder: Do not disclose the private key material to anyone.

You can try Downloading Electrum, create a new wallet then import the key.

Hope that works out.

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I’m sorry to hear about your situation. Accessing Bitcoin funds with just a private key is definitely possible.

Here’s a step-by-step guide that might help you:

  1. Select a Bitcoin Wallet: Choose a reputable Bitcoin wallet that allows the importation of private keys. Some well-known wallets include Exodus, Electrum, and Blockchain.com.

  2. Install the Wallet: Download and install the wallet application on your device.

  3. Import the Private Key: Within the wallet, find the option to “Import Private Key” or something similar. This is often located in the settings or security section.

  4. Enter the Private Key: Input the private key carefully. It should be in the Wallet Import Format (WIF), which typically starts with a ‘5’, ‘K’, or ‘L’.

  5. Complete the Import: Follow the prompts to label the address and perform a blockchain rescan to locate all transactions associated with the key.

Remember to ensure your network’s security and privacy during this process.

After the import, consider moving the funds to a new wallet address for additional security.

If you’re not familiar with these steps, there are many online tutorials for specific wallets that can guide you through the process.

It’s also advisable to seek assistance from someone experienced in cryptocurrency if needed.

I hope this helps, and I wish you the best in retrieving the funds. Remember to handle the private key with utmost care and follow security best practices throughout the process.

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Make sure you send a tiny amount to ensure you’re sending it to the right address before transferring it to a new wallet or an exchange to sell it. It will vanish forever if you send it to the wrong address. without having it returned.