What's an Unconfirmed Transaction?

Hey crypto friends,

I recently sent some crypto funds, but it seems like it’s taking forever to show up. Looking at the transaction details, it says “unconfirmed.” What does that mean, and how long will it take for my transaction to finally go through? Is an unconfirmed transaction lost forever, or is it just stuck in a waiting line? What causes transactions to become unconfirmed? Did I mess something up?

Hoping some crypto wizards can shed some light on this.


The time you have to wait is like waiting in line for miners on the network to check your transaction. There might be a slowdown if a lot of people use the network and pay fees.


It indicates that it isn’t currently included on the blockchain. Has a transaction fee been added?
To find out if the network is aware of your address, go to blockchain.info and enter it in the search bar.


If a transaction has begun but has not yet been recorded on the blockchain, it is regarded as unconfirmed.

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A transaction that is marked as “unconfirmed” has not yet been posted to the blockchain. This occurs when a transaction charge is too low or when the network is overloaded. It is merely waiting to be processed; it is not lost. Though it may take a little longer, it should eventually pass. It is normal; you did not make a mistake. Hold on, it should confirm shortly!