What is the melt value of a silver quarter?

Back in 1964, the minimum wage equated to 5 silver quarters. Fast forward to 2023, the melt value of these 5 silver quarters stands at $21.55. This observation prompts a broader discussion: perhaps the real issue lies not in adjusting minimum wage rates, but rather in addressing fundamental flaws within our monetary system. #StudyBitcoin

It’s interesting to see that in 1964, the minimum wage was worth the same as 5 silver quarters. Today, the value of those same 5 quarters as metal is $21.55. Some people think this shows a bigger problem with our money system than just changing the minimum wage. They think we need to fix the basic problems with how our money works. #StudyBitcoin

A 90% Silver quarter is worth $4.7749 when melted down. This price can change often, every 15 minutes when the silver market is open. Right now, the spot price of silver is $26.41 per troy ounce.