What does "Laser Eyes" mean?

Hi Bitcoin fans. This might sound like a silly question, but what does “Laser Eyes” mean for Bitcoin enthusiasts? Thanks in advance!


Before the internet went crazy for Bitcoin, laser eyes were just something superheroes had, like Superman. Now, using laser eyes in your profile picture shows you’re a big Bitcoin supporter. It’s kind of like saying only special people believe Bitcoin can be super successful, which fits with the whole ‘Laser Eyes’ thing in the crypto world.


Here this word of the internet nothing is silly @Leeland “Laser Eyes” means to upload an image of bright laser beams emerging from your eyeballs as your social media profile photo.

It started in early 2021 during a bullish period for Bitcoin.

Hope the information is helping.


“Laser Eyes” was associated with Superpowers, and came into existence in 2021 during a period of optimism for Bitcoin’s price.

It was uploading It involves changing your profile picture on social media platforms to one that has been edited to show glowing red laser beams shooting out of the eyes.

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“Laser Eyes” refers to a digital effect that adds glowing, red laser-like eyes to a person’s profile picture or avatar. It is also an internet meme, a symbol that originated within the cryptocurrency community, particularly among the Bitcoin enthusiasts. The meme involves adding laser beams shooting out of a person’s eyes in a photo, often using photo editing tools and special filters.

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Hello there, this is a shift to a new condition of being and perspective on the world. For Lorelei, it’s about accepting the objective truth that has been kept buried for so long, or at least trying to see it.The meme entails using special filters and photo editing software to add laser beams shooting out of a person’s eyes in a picture.

Best answer so far I think you are right :slightly_smiling_face:

Initially, I believe I heard the explanation “laser eyes to cut through the bullshit,” and later on, it became popularized with a statement along the lines of “laser ray 'til $100K.”