What defines a Schelling point?

Hey guys, Picture this: You and a random person have to quickly buy $1000 of a single cryptocurrency within 30 seconds without discussing it. If you both pick the same one, you get a reward. But if you pick different ones, there’s a punishment. Make your choice.

A Schelling point plays an essential role in Bitcoin’s value communication. Named after Thomas Schelling, it represents a natural solution in situations where multiple parties must make decisions without direct communication. These solutions are intuitively obvious and often rely on shared expectations or common knowledge.
These solutions and expectations in the end increase the value and adoption od Bitcoin as a method of exchange

Schelling points are a fascinating concept, and it’s interesting to see how they apply to Bitcoin. The idea that shared expectations can drive value makes a lot of sense.

Do you think there are other Schelling points that contribute to Bitcoin’s adoption?