What crypto wallets are decentralized?

Hey Guys need assistance! Which decentralized cryptocurrency wallets are currently in use? Wallets that provide complete control over private keys and guarantee security without depending on outside services pique my curiosity.

What decentralized wallets are good for storing different cryptocurrencies?

Thanks in advance

Want total control of your crypto? Skip the fancy exchanges and look into decentralized wallets! These let you hold your own crypto keys, like passwords to your money. Think MetaMask for Ethereum stuff, or Exodus for a wider range of cryptos (it even lets you trade and earn interest!). Super secure hardware wallets like Trezor or Ledger are another option, keeping your crypto keys offline and safe. Just remember, with this kind of freedom comes responsibility! You gotta understand how these wallets work before you jump in.

I use Trezor for BTC and MetaMask for EVM. I’m still trying to find a Cardano wallet that I really like, but for Atom, I stick with Keplr. I’m really looking forward to the first Web3, open-source native chain-jumping wallet—it’ll be a beautiful thing!

Hardware wallets like Ledger or Trezor are super secure, like USB sticks for your crypto. Great for various currencies. Mobile wallets like MetaMask are handy for on-the-go, but maybe for smaller amounts or specific coins. Just remember, the keys, the responsibility

I use Ever Wallet; I’m deeply invested in their ecosystem, and it works wonderfully.That’s the finest in my opinion.

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The term “non-custodial” refers to a wallet’s local key storage. Wallets aren’t able to be “decentralized”; rather, you would want your keys and wallet to be completely concentrated within your hardware. You are not required to choose a non-custodial wallet created by a major exchange, though some have developed their own. One Bitcoin wallet that was developed in 2011 and predates most (all?) of the exchanges operating today is called Electrum. A non-custodial wallet should have a solid track record, be established over time, and have open-source code that can be audited by others.