What crypto exchange is now safe?

Hey everyone, I’ve been looking into getting into cryptocurrency trading, but I’m a bit wary about security. Can anyone recommend a crypto exchange that’s considered safe and reliable?

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I absolutely love Kraken. When I started, I tried Kraken, Coinbase, and Bitstamp. Bitstamp was decent, but Coinbase ripped me off, and Kraken turned out to be excellent. With Coinbase, I could buy bitcoin, but they wouldn’t let me transfer it to my hardware wallet. They froze my account, and I couldn’t withdraw any crypto. In my opinion, they are a scam.

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I totally agee with you and I just want to emphasize on coinbase. I’ve been using coinbase for a long time and decided to give them another chance, but now they’ve randomly locked my ability to send to my own wallet.

Though sometimes I wonder, every time I see these posts. I wonder. Why do I feel like we never get the full truth?

I’m not usually a fan of exchanges but god damn it, I have to say, Kraken is pretty solid in my book. Keep spreading the good word, Kraken! You’ve got my full support.