What are your thoughts on Edge Wallet?

Hi everyone,
I have Bitcoin, Stella, and Ripple, so I need a wallet that can hold different types of money. Right now, I keep everything on Coinbase, but I want a safer place. I don’t think I need a hardware wallet because I don’t have a lot of money invested, not even a full Bitcoin.

Does anyone have experience with mobile wallets like Edge or others they can suggest?


While I don’t have a massive amount invested (not even a full Bitcoin), I’d still like to choose a secure and reliable mobile wallet.

Any recommendations for wallets that support Bitcoin, XLM, and XRP?


Edge is both open source and non-custodial. What a fantastic wallet. However, since using a wallet that just holds Bitcoin is always a more secure option, I would advise getting rid of the other money.

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Multicurrency apps are terrible.

 Ripple and Stella require a multi-currency wallet.

Give up on such crap and focus on what really matters: bitcoin.
Remain with legitimate, high-quality wallets that have LN incorporated, not “multicurrency”

These days, users should only have LN wallets on their mobile phones.
On desktop, optional LN, onchain.