What are the differences between SegWit and legacy addresses, particularly when they're not the same?

Hello guys,
I’m trying to understand this. Does your new kind of address exist on its own in the blockchain, separate from your old one?

I noticed that when I get money sent to either address, it shows up in my original wallet and I can spend it.

I moved my money to a different wallet, but this new one doesn’t work with the new kind of address.

What I’ve seen is, if I get money sent to the new kind of address, it only shows up in the original wallet that works with it (which I still have). But if money is sent to the old address, it shows up in both wallets.

If I get money sent to the old address because someone else doesn’t have a new kind of wallet, can I then send it out using the new kind of address? And why doesn’t the wallet without the new feature show the full amount of money? Aren’t they stored in the same place in the blockchain?

I hope someone can explain this or give some insight.

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In short, the new kind of address is an upgrade, but it doesn’t create a separate wallet on the blockchain. Both old and new addresses are linked to your original wallet. Money sent to either address appears in your original wallet. However, to interact with the new kind of address, you need a compatible wallet. If you receive money on the old address, you can’t directly send it out using the new address unless you transfer it internally within your original wallet. The discrepancy in displayed amounts might be due to how your wallet handles the different types of addresses.