Usb bitcoin miner

Why hasn’t anyone created a USB miner that’s slow and inexpensive, but can work together with others to do tasks?

I got one and used it for six days. The hardest part I faced was 6.53, but the Bitcoin difficulty is way higher, around 70 trillion! It’s just for fun, like playing the lottery every week.

Solo mining is the only way to go. Being in a pool won’t earn you anything, not even a penny every six months. It’s like having a lottery ticket you stick in your PC, hoping for that tiny chance of finding a block.

Interesting question! @CryptoCrafter You know, I actually have a USB miner that I’ve been using for cryptocurrency mining but the idea of creating a slower and cheaper USB miner that can team up with others for tasks beyond mining is pretty cool.

Anyway I guess one reason we haven’t seen something like that yet might be because USB-powered devices generally have limited processing power, so it could be challenging to make them effective for collaborative tasks.

Furthermore, don’t you think coordinating multiple USB miners to work together smoothly might be tricky from a technical standpoint.

But hey, who knows what the future holds? With technology always advancing, it’s definitely a possibility worth exploring further! Right?

Maybe a collaborative USB miner wouldn’t be ideal for complex tasks, but it could be useful for simpler distributed computing like protein folding or weather simulations.