Suggestions for a Free, Legitimate, and Profitable Cloud Mining Service?

Hey everyone! I am new to BTC mining, just started less than a year ago. I used to have a rig for GamerHash, and it was great, but my PSU died a few months ago. I can not afford a replacement right now because I can’t find a steady job. So, I have been looking into cloud mining options.

I have tried Stormgain, which works well, but you have to restart it every four hours, and it does not work in the U.S. without a VPN. I feel bad about using a VPN, so I am looking for alternatives.

I have also tried:

  • Multimining
  • Bitland Pro

Right now, I am trying “Free Mining Club,” which is earning BTC quickly for a free site. I am worried it might be a scam, but I am not sure. It is all very confusing.

Could you recommend any free cloud mining sites or apps that don’t have gimmicks (like constant refreshing), pay decently (at least a dollar or a bit less per day), and are free to use?

I would also love to hear about your experiences and if anyone can confirm if FreeMining Club is legit. Thanks so much for your help, and have a great day

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You are being defrauded. There are no free lunches at all. Would you acquire millions of dollars in equipment, lease or own a massive data centre, place said equipment in said data centre, pay monthly electricity bills to run said data centre, and then allow some rando online to profit from your efforts for free? GTFOH.

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I hope you’re not sharing private info or sending money to these sites.