Starcraft bitcoin prize

Participants who placed 5th to 8th received a consolation prize of 25 BTC. As of now, that’s worth more than $650,000.

Starcraft Players’ BTC Rewards Surpass $650,000!
In 2011, participants in Starcraft tournaments were granted BTC for their triumphs. Even those who ranked 5th to 8th received a consolation prize of 25 BTC.
Presently, that amount is valued at over $650,000. Despite their defeat, they emerged victorious.

You are absolutely right!
The price of Starcraft Players’ BTC Rewards right now is Worth Over $650,000!
In 2011 when the players were awarded 25 BTC each, it did not seem like a big sum of money.
But surprisingly at the moment, the mere 25 BTC is equal to more than $650, 000 and the price growth is not stopping any time soon hence the guys in a few days will be the new Millionaires in town!

You wouldn’t believe it, but back in 2011, a small StarCraft tournament offered Bitcoin as a prize. Back then, Bitcoin was practically worthless, with 25 Bitcoins being a consolation prize for those who didn’t even crack the top four. Fast forward to today, and those 25 Bitcoin would be worth over a million dollars! Talk about a lucky consolation prize, or a massive missed opportunity depending on how you look at it!