Should I keep purchasing Bitcoin through Robinhood, or is it better to switch to FBTC?

Hey, hope you don’t mind me asking, but I’m still getting the hang of things with Bitcoin. Can you explain what the deal is with BTC ETFs? Just trying to figure things out and make smart choices with my investments.


Think about using Robinhood for trading cryptocurrencies without paying commissions, or consider FBTC for a way to indirectly invest in Bitcoin. It’s always a good idea to speak with a financial advisor for advice tailored to your individual situation.

Robinhood: Easy to use, buy bits of Bitcoin, but you don’t actually own it.

FBTC (ETF): You truly own Bitcoin (kind of like a stock), potentially lower fees, but slightly less volatile (meaning it might not grow as much).

Pick Robinhood if you value convenience and buying small amounts. Choose FBTC for real ownership and potentially lower fees, but be okay with a bit less excitement (or risk).