Should I buy Bitcoin now?

Should I get more bitcoin while it’s rising or wait for it to drop before buying again?

That entirely depends on how comfortable you are with risk and what you want to achieve with your investment.
If you think Bitcoin will keep growing over time and you’re okay with the possibility of it going down after you buy, you might want to consider buying more now.
But if you’re worried about losing money or prefer to buy when prices are lower, waiting for a dip might be a better idea.
Just remember to do your research and maybe talk to someone who knows about investing before you decide.

Yes. It looks like an ideal time to buy the bitcoin, especially after the bitcoin halving that occurred last week around April 20th.

It’s a common question for cryptocurrency investors.

Trying to time the market perfectly can be difficult, but I can offer some insights to help you decide.

You haven’t given him/them a solution? I would love to read your insights