Scammed by Wirex

I believe I’ve been deceived by Wirex.
It seems like they’re pulling an exit scam!
They’ve arbitrarily blocked my account and my card, both containing 2000 euros.
Without access to my account, the only option is to submit a support ticket, which hasn’t been addressed for weeks.
I’ve noticed numerous complaints about their service, with many individuals losing their funds entirely.
Beware of Wirex! Their support team is nowhere to be found, not even on this forum.
My advice: avoid depositing funds into Wirex!

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So, my friend has been using Wirex for about four months now, right? Well, on April 1st, 2018, their Wirex email got hacked. Can you believe it?
Anyway, he reached out to Wirex support to change his email address. Wirex asked them to send a selfie holding their passport to confirm their identity.
But get this, at that time, their passport was at the embassy. So, they told Wirex they’d send it later. They also specifically asked Wirex not to deactivate their two-factor authentication (2FA) until they could sort it out properly. Reasonable, right?
Because a copy of their passport was in the hacked email. But guess what? Wirex went ahead and deactivated their 2FA anyway. And you know what happened next?
The hacker got in and managed to swipe $531.82 from their account. Can you believe the nerve of some people?
With this I agree with you. People should stay away from Wirex

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I have been using Wirex for a while now, only what you can do is to contact Maybe they will help you with that… Just beware there are a lot of scammers ( Hackers) ready to manipulate it

Hello @TokenTactician am sorry for the unfortunate which befell you.
But in making your claims, you can attach the evidence of the occurrence so that other people can confirm your claims.
Otherwise, people will treat your claims as just propaganda aimed at tarnishing the name of Wirex.

No offense though just advice

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Wow, that sounds really frustrating! It’s disappointing that Wirex deactivated the 2FA despite clear instructions not to. Losing $531.82 due to their mishandling is unacceptable. Your friend’s experience highlights the importance of robust customer support and security. I can see why you’d advise others to stay away from Wirex based on this incident.

Thanks for sharing, and I hope your friend has found a more secure platform now.