My opinion of bitcoin

Bitcoin closes above its previous ATH, pre-halving, during an election year when ETF’s had launched with a halving on the way. We need tomorrow to close at a record high, if it does and the monthly candle is confirmed above the ATH - This will psychologically get many people to orange pill for FOMO, Even if they get in now, with $1000/$10000 or even $65,000 - That’s a significant leap of profit to be expected in the coming months after the halving.

Most people aren’t true Bitcoin enthusiasts, they are retail investors. only with mass adoption could we see a truly global decentralised currency. But for the time being, the aim of the game is to convince the green pills that there’s a genuine store of value, the only way we can do this is with mass adoption which increases with every bull run.

Think about amazon stock, people would have laughed at the idea of an online bookstore being a centi-billion dollar business in the 90’s. When people saw the dotcom bubble burst they had the opportunity to re-invest at a discount. Anyone who put any substantial capital in at these prices, would likely be set for life.

I’m a risk reward type of guy. I took a $35k loan out to buy BTC after the bear market reversed into the bull. I don’t care about the tax implications or anything asinine related to Bitcoin. I am happy to sell my BTC if the price hits a pre-determined level, in the mean time I will try and stack sats as much as possible until things become financially difficult. At which case, I will cash out what I have, as long as I’m in profit. Hence why I intend on utilizing each halving cycle to further increase my portfolio. I’ve taken a second job working in copyright with excellent commissions earning upwards of $100/hour - this job pays more than bus driving job which is legitimately a job I enjoy doing but the wages are 8x lower than my secondary job. But on the off chance my gamble pays off and I can afford to retire early. I certainly will do this.

Time is money, Bitcoin has been referred to as time coin many times. Because who has time to become rich in a world that devalues your assets. Each generations job is to screw over the next for profit. We’ll be looked down on in 20 years for not screaming loud enough about Bitcoin to those who refused to listen. You are pioneers of the new world. The gold rush of the digital age has begun. Do not miss your chance.


Absolutely, I feel you bro! Bitcoin breaking its ATH before the halving, especially in an election year with ETFs launching, is huge. The psychological boost alone will drive massive FOMO, bringing in retail investors and pushing us closer to mass adoption. Your comparison to Amazon is spot on – just like the dot-com survivors, those who invest wisely now could be set for life. Taking risks, like your $35k loan for BTC, shows real belief in the future of decentralized finance. We’re in the digital gold rush, and it’s up to us to seize the moment, stack sats, and pioneer this new financial era. Let’s not miss our chance! I am proud of u bro.


The Bitcoin community is developing, in my opinion, and I believe that investors from outside the mainstream would be drawn to buy a new asset like Bitcoin.

However, I believe that before Bitcoin is prepared for Wall Street’s full scrutiny, it still needs to get past a few significant obstacles.

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Do you really think that “anything asinine like taxes” is a problem? Wow

As a risk-reward advocate, I leveraged a $35k loan during the bear-to-bull market transition, unfazed by tax implications, aiming to sell at predetermined targets while accumulating sats. Supplementing income with a high-paying secondary job, I prioritize financial security amidst Bitcoin’s promising halving cycles, acknowledging its potential to revolutionize wealth accumulation in a devaluing asset landscape.

Embracing Bitcoin’s narrative as “time coin,” I recognize its role as a transformative force, positioning investors as pioneers in a digital gold rush, with profound implications for future generations.