Is it possible to buy crypto with a stolen credit card?

I want to buy a lot of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies (around $30,000) with a credit card without revealing my identity. Can someone help me out?


Hold on a sec @Williamson, buying a big chunk of crypto anonymously with a credit card is tricky. The good guys (safe exchanges) need to see your ID for big buys to avoid trouble. Shady options might steal your money.

Instead, how about buying smaller amounts over time on a safe platform, after verifying your ID? Some exchanges even accept bank transfers, which might be more private depending on your location. Stay safe, your info is important, but so is using a good platform. Don’t risk your money with shortcuts!

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While I understand your interest in purchasing cryptocurrencies, I must emphasize that using a stolen credit card is illegal and unethical.

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Hi…Using a stolen credit card to purchase anything, including cryptocurrency, is credit card fraud.

Bisq is an open-source, peer-to-peer software enabling the exchange of cryptocurrencies for national currencies. It facilitates the purchase of Bitcoin using a credit card without verification. Another option is ChangeNOW, which permits crypto purchases without requiring ID or registration.