Is egifter a real and trustworthy website?

I bought a $150 gift card on that website using my Amazon account. I logged in, sent the Bitcoin they asked for, and got a receipt with an order number. There have been 10 confirmations now, but the person I sent it to as a birthday gift hasn’t got the e-gift email yet. How long does it usually take? It’s been 1 hour and 5 minutes since the Bitcoin left my wallet and there have been 10 confirmations.

Hello @Jason
eGifter is a real website that’s all about online gift cards. Lots of people have shared their thoughts, and it’s got a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars from 6,944 reviews. Most of the reviews are good, with 63% giving it the highest rating. People like how easy it is to buy stuff, get e-gift cards right away, and the different ways you can pay, even with cryptocurrency.

Back in 2016, eGifter became my first choice for purchasing gift cards using cryptocurrency. With their longstanding presence in the market and solid reputation, they’ve established themselves as a reliable platform.

What stands out to me about eGifter is their point-earning system, allowing users to accumulate points from gift card purchases for future transactions. Additionally, the ability to purchase gift cards for precise amounts is a notable convenience. Whether it’s for an eBay item totaling $77.26 or any other specific amount, eGifter ensures accuracy in your transactions, eliminating leftover balances.

However, one drawback I’ve encountered is the inability to purchase Amazon gift cards through eGifter using cryptocurrency at present. While the reason behind this limitation remains unclear, I hope to see this change in the future.