Is ChangeNow legit?

I tried to swap some Monero for Bitcoin, but the transaction didn’t work out. However, I sent the Monero from my wallet to their address as usual. They’re refusing to send it back or complete the exchange.

It’s not a lot of money, but it feels like theft to me. They just took the money and aren’t responding to my messages or tickets.

I think they’re thieves and scammers.
Am I the only one who has experienced this? Any help!


ChangeNow is indeed a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange platform. It has been operational since 2017 and offers a variety of services, including crypto swaps for almost 400 digital currencies. The platform is known for its non-custodial exchange service, meaning it doesn’t hold users’ funds, and it has no limits on the amount for operations conducted.


I’m currently facing an issue with them as they’ve been holding my $500 for 11 hours @Alex.
I did an exchange through Atomic Wallet, and it seems like they’re in on this scam together. I’m determined to get to the bottom of this.


You are not alone, ChangeNow has a decent reputation because it has been around since 2017. What I will advise you to do is to Contact ChangeNow Support and emphasize it was a failed transaction and request a refund to your original Monero address.

Just be polite

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Same here i did face the same problem, but I had to report it to #ChangeNOW and they refunded my $250 @Rodriguez Just know its legit.

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Hi there! I apologize for giving the wrong impression. If there had been a substantial shift in the market price, the transaction could have ended in the status of “failed.”

We always provide our customers the choice to proceed with their exchange or request a refund; did you contact our support team?

I haven’t checked yet. What are the fees? It looks like they’re around 3%-5% in the end. Then I’ll need to calculate everything manually.

I use them a lot and have never had a single issue.

I think it’s legit; I’ve never had a bad experience. However, I’ve heard of others who have. I don’t find it necessary anymore with exchanges offering more tokens and wallets adding swap features and support for more networks.

Hi, Alex. ChangeNow is a legitimate company, and its customer service is satisfactory.
I used it today to transfer Ethereum to Cosmos without any problems.