Is really a scam?

Since 2017, I’ve heard rumors that is a scam, so I haven’t paid much attention to it. However, I recently discovered that it’s still operational. I’m curious: what exactly has led people to label it as a scam? Did they have any past controversies similar to Robinhood?

If is indeed a scam, how has it managed to remain operational? Why is it still here while platforms like Celsius have disappeared?

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WHAT A SCAM IS BLOCKCHAIN.COM!! If it were possible, I would give them a score of 0 stars! I bought some bitcoin more than a month ago. Although the transaction was unsuccessful, my bank account was debited.

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No, is not a scam. It is a legitimate and well-established platform for cryptocurrency transactions and wallet services.

No, It is a legitimate platform. Regarding controversies similar to Robinhood, has not been involved in controversies of a similar nature, such as issues related to trading halts or financial restrictions during market volatility. is very legit and the rumours might be a result of competitive dynamics. As a prominent player in the crypto wallet space, has competitors, and sometimes negative rumours or accusations could arise from competitive interests or misunderstandings.

It is a trustworthy platform but I think experiencing security breaches in the past must have tarnished its reputation.

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It’s understandable that, as a prominent player in the crypto wallet space, might face rumors or negative perceptions due to competitive dynamics. It’s important for users to consider the platform’s established legitimacy and reputation, alongside any competitive pressures that could influence perceptions. Staying informed and verifying information from reliable sources can help in forming a balanced view.