Is legit?

Since 2017, I’ve heard people say Blockchain com is a scam, so I didn’t bother with it. But it seems it’s still operating. I’m curious: why do people think it’s a scam? Did they do something like Robinhood did in the past? If it’s a scam, why hasn’t it been shut down yet? Why is it still here while others like Celsius have disappeared?

There could be a few reasons for that. Some people might be wary because cryptocurrency itself is a relatively new and volatile asset class.

Additionally, there have been issues with some crypto companies in the past, which might make people hesitant about others.

In 2019, I had around $500 worth of BTC on the App. When I attempted to withdraw it, I encountered significant difficulties. Despite spending over six months trying to resolve the issue, I was unsuccessful and ultimately gave up. This experience left me convinced that it’s a scam.

Some folks have doubted, but it’s still around because it’s legit. While some people might have had problems, it doesn’t mean everyone will. It’s still operating because it offers valuable services, and if it were shady, it would likely be shut down. As for why it’s still standing while others vanished, maybe it’s because has managed things better.