Is Bitrefill a legitimate platform for purchasing gift cards and topping up mobile phones?

Does Bitrefill make its own gift card codes, or do they buy them from other places? I don’t want to support scammers from Indian call centers, etc.

You can find more information about Bitrefill’s partnerships on their website, or you could contact their customer support to inquire about specific gift card issuers

Going by the reviews online, it seems that Bitrefill is indeed legit.
Its customers have expressed satisfaction based on:

  • Fast and convenient transactions

  • Good bonus rates

  • Easy phone top-up

  • Ability to buy gift cards using crypto

Big scam alert! They asked for transaction details, but once I sent them, they ghosted me. I’ve sent them several emails with no response.
When someone ignores you, especially in a business setting, it’s a big red flag!!

You’re right, looking at online reviews, Bitrefill appears to be a legitimate service with many satisfied customers

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