I want to sell my car for bitcoin

I relocated to NYC and don’t need a car anymore (parking costs are sky-high!).

I’m thinking of selling it for BTC, but I’m worried about scams.

Any advice on how to do this safely?


*Use a well-known and reputable online marketplace that supports Bitcoin transactions. Websites like AutoTrader, Craigslist, or specific cryptocurrency platforms can be good options, but ensure they have strong security measures in place.


One way to play it safe is to use a trusted platform like LocalBitcoins or Paxful. They act as intermediaries, holding the BTC in escrow until both parties are happy. Another tip: meet up in a public place and bring a friend along, just to be extra cautious.

I’ve done a few crypto transactions myself, and sticking to reputable platforms always eased my mind.


Selling your car for Bitcoin (BTC) can be a secure transaction, but it is crucial to follow best practices to protect yourself from potential scams.
First, ensure that you secure your digital wallet where you can receive the BTC.
After the transaction, ensure that you verify the payment. Never hand over your car until you have verified that the BTC payment has been made and is irreversible. If possible, conduct the transaction in person at a safe location, such as your bank or a public place with surveillance.

Finally, keep all records of the transaction, including communications with the buyer, receipts, and the transaction record on the blockchain. This documentation can be vital in case of disputes or for tax purposes.