How many people own bitcoin

I often think about this question: How many people in the world really get bitcoin and have some? I found out it’s not many.

According to the bitcoin rich list, there are fewer than 4.5 million addresses with more than 0.1 bitcoin, which is the amount I think really counts. I know that might seem like a lot to some folks, but let’s stick with it.

If we guess that each person has around 5 addresses, that means there are less than 1 million people worldwide who have more than 0.1 bitcoin.

Does this mean bitcoin is just too hard to get and own?

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That’s a surprisingly low number of people who own more than 0.1 bitcoin. This could indicate that Bitcoin adoption is still in its early stages.

There could be a few reasons why Bitcoin might be hard to get and own.

Perhaps it’s the complexity of the technology, or the lack of user-friendly wallets. Maybe it’s the volatility of the price, or the regulatory uncertainty.

No, the fact that fewer than 1 million people worldwide have more than 0.1 bitcoin doesn’t necessarily mean it’s too hard to get and own. It reflects Bitcoin’s early adoption stage and the cautious approach of many toward investing in digital assets.