How do I take out all the secret codes from Bitcoin core?

Hey guys, I have got this old wallet.dat file that has loads of transactions and addresses. What’s the easiest way to get all the private keys out of it? I want to import them into Electrum.

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While Electrum is a great wallet, getting private keys directly from a wallet.dat file isn’t the simplest or safest option. Here’s why:

  • Security Risk: wallet.dat files are encrypted, but extracting private keys yourself can be risky if not done correctly. Mistakes could expose your Bitcoin.
  • Better Alternative: Bitcoin Core wallet can help you. Here’s the plan:
    1. Install Bitcoin Core (might take a while to download the blockchain).
    2. Move your wallet.dat file to the Bitcoin Core data directory.
    3. Use Bitcoin Core to “dump” your private keys into a separate file. Electrum can then import these keys easily.

Important Note: Definitely back up your wallet.dat file before messing with it!

This might seem like extra steps, but it’s a more secure way to access your private keys for Electrum.


Before making any changes, ensure you have a backup copy of your wallet.dat file. This ensures you can restore your wallet in case of any issues.


Open Electrum and navigate to the “Wallet” menu and then keep following up.

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Once the private keys have been imported into Electrum, verify that the balances match those in your Bitcoin Core wallet.