How can I generate a 12-word seed phrase for secure cryptocurrency storage?

I got an idea to put 2048 phrases into a random name picker to make 12-word phrases. I’ve been making new wallet accounts on Coinbase with no money. When I do the same on Trust Wallet, I mostly get “invalid recovery phrase.” Turns out, it’s tough to guess the right phrase for a wallet. My odds are low.

I want to try getting into someone else’s wallet. Any tips?


You can generate a seed phrase with a calculator

This is done without using the internet, so it’s safer.
You need a calculator that can randomly create numbers to make the secret code. But this way also has risks. Instead of using only one device, you have to use two: the calculator and a computer that’s not connected to the internet.

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Use computer wallets for cryptocurrencies

Almost all new wallets today will make a secret phrase for you when you start your wallet. This happens by itself and you can’t change much about how it’s done. For most people, doing this once is enough and they don’t need to think about it again.

Check out the article ‘Using crypto wallets to generate seed phrases’ to learn more about how wallets create these secret phrases when you set them up.