Has Anyone Had Issues Sending Funds to Gemini Exchange?

Hey everyone, I need some advice regarding a concerning situation I’m facing with Gemini exchange. So, I transferred a significant amount of money to my Gemini account to buy cryptocurrencies, but it’s been almost a month, and the funds haven’t shown up in my account yet.

I’ve reached out to Gemini, my bank (Bank of America), and their bank (Silvergate), but haven’t made any progress. I followed all the instructions provided by Gemini for the wire transfer, but the funds seem to be stuck somewhere. I’ve opened support tickets, called them, and even messaged them on Facebook, but I’m getting total radio silence.

My bank suggested initiating a refund, but Silvergate mentioned they can’t do it without Gemini’s approval. I’m really stressed out about this whole situation and not sure what my next steps should be. Has anyone else experienced something similar with Gemini or any other exchange?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Since you’ve already taken the necessary steps by reaching out to Gemini, your bank, and Silvergate, and haven’t seen any progress, it might be worth considering a few additional actions.


In addition, you might want to consider seeking legal advice or assistance from a consumer protection agency if you feel like your rights are not being respected or if you suspect any wrongdoing.

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While I haven’t personally experienced this with Gemini or any other exchange, I can imagine how concerning it must be.