Does Overstock still accept Bitcoin as a form of payment?

It seems like Overstock doesn’t take Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies anymore. When I asked their support team, they didn’t directly say they stopped taking Bitcoin, but they did list the payment methods they still accept. It seems like not many people are talking about this. That’s disappointing.

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Yes, Overstock does indeed still accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. Since pioneering cryptocurrency acceptance in 2014, Overstock has remained committed to offering customers the option to pay with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, aligning with their ethos of innovation and customer choice in payment methods.

It’s interesting that their support team didn’t explicitly mention it.

You mentioning they only listed accepted payment methods is a good catch.

When I searched for their accepted payment methods, cryptocurrency wasn’t listed.

Maybe they only advertise it on specific product pages or during checkout.

yes, Overstock persists in embracing Bitcoin as a payment method for online purchases. They’ve been at the forefront of adopting cryptocurrencies and have collaborated with Coinbase to streamline these transactions.

Absolutely, Overstock still welcomes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as valid payment methods for online shopping, upholding its collaboration with Coinbase for processing such transactions.