Does anybody use PayPal to buy and sell Bitcoin?

Hello guys,
I want to use PayPal to buy and sell Bitcoin because my bank account is already connected to it. Are they known for being reliable when buying and selling? And are their fees similar to other exchanges?

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Many individuals seek to trade bitcoin using PayPal, yet it entails significant risks, particularly for sellers. The primary concern stems from PayPal’s refund policy, which allows buyers to easily reverse payments. In contrast, bitcoin transactions are irreversible, posing a challenge if buyers retract their payment after receiving the coins. Disputing these reversals can be arduous, as PayPal typically requires postal tracking as proof of product delivery to uphold seller protection.

Advantages of Buying Bitcoin using PayPal:

Safety: PayPal offers a dispute resolution feature, enhancing safety for sellers.

Speed: Transactions through PayPal are swift, facilitating rapid fund transfers.

Privacy: Users can conduct transactions without sharing personal details with third parties.

Disadvantages of Buying Bitcoin using PayPal:

Limits: PayPal imposes limitations on fund transfers, restricting transaction volumes.

Acceptance: Many platforms do not support PayPal as a payment method for purchasing bitcoin.

Fees: PayPal charges higher transaction fees compared to other payment methods.

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PayPal is indeed a well-known platform that offers the convenience of buying and selling Bitcoin, especially if your bank account is already linked to it. They are considered reliable for casual users who are familiar with the PayPal system.
However, it’s important to note that when you buy Bitcoin through PayPal, you don’t own the Bitcoin in the traditional sense, as PayPal manages the wallets. This means you have access to your public address, but PayPal controls the private key.
Regarding fees, PayPal’s fees for cryptocurrency transactions are generally higher than those of most dedicated crypto exchanges.
Therefore if you are not ready to spend extra bucks for your Bitcoin investment, then Paypal is not for you

PayPal is a convenient choice for buying and selling Bitcoin, especially if your bank account is linked. While reliable for casual users, it’s important to note that PayPal manages the wallets, meaning you can’t transfer the crypto elsewhere. Their fees are generally higher than dedicated crypto exchanges, with a $2.49 charge on a $200 purchase, plus a trading cost. Compared to Coinbase, PayPal’s fees are slightly higher, but the amount of Bitcoin received might be more due to a lower exchange rate. Overall, PayPal offers ease of use but at potentially higher fees, so it’s wise to compare platforms before transacting.

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Yes, PayPal allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin, and it’s generally considered reliable. However, their fees may be higher compared to dedicated cryptocurrency exchanges. It’s essential to review PayPal’s fee structure before trading to understand the costs involved.