Cheapest way to buy bitcoin

I live in the US and have started regularly buying Bitcoin. I then transfer it to a secure offline storage about once a week. What’s the most affordable way to buy Bitcoin in the US? I’ve tried Coinbase and Robinhood, but I’m curious if Cash App or other exchanges might be cheaper for my method of buying. Thanks!

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Binance.US is the US-based affiliate of Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.


Cash App offers a simple and user-friendly interface for buying Bitcoin.

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Kraken is known for its low fees and robust security features. :money_mouth_face:

The question should be what’s the cheapest place to withdraw from?

Shakepay works for this, but don’t you need a referral code to shake for bitcoins,… though

Finding the most affordable way to buy Bitcoin definitely matters, especially with regular purchases.

Since you transfer out often, minimizing fees is key.

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You’re right, Kraken does excel in fees and security. It’s a great option for experienced traders looking for a secure platform with low costs. However, their beginner interface might be a bit complex for new users compared to some other options.

To buy Bitcoin cheaply, consider using P2P exchanges like LocalBitcoins or Paxful for competitive rates.

Cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance and Kraken offer low fees, especially for high-volume trades or payments made with their tokens.

Avoid using credit cards due to higher fees and opt for bank transfers instead.

Buying on the spot market can also yield better rates than instant buy options.

Keep an eye out for new user promotions on exchanges for additional savings.

Always prioritize platform security and reputation.

Its through if you need some cash in your pocket

Good point about Shakepay! It’s a solid option for buying Bitcoin in Canada, but you do need a referral code to participate in the “shake” feature to earn free bitcoins. It’s always helpful to consider the specifics of each platform and what additional requirements they might have.

t’s a great option for experienced traders looking for a secure platform with low costs