Can we discuss the use of a logarithmic scale vs linear scale?

I understand there are both line drawers and TA naysayers in this subreddit, but I would like to drop our differences for a moment and discuss the use of a logarithmic scale vs linear scale when looking at BTC price over time. To be clear, I want to discuss the merits and rationale behind each, for the purposes of not predicting the price of bitcoin, but for getting a solid understanding of what has already happened to price.

I hope these parameters allow for a healthy discussion, because I am interested in the matter and it seems to keep coming up, although not thoroughly argued one way or another.

When looking at a graph about population growth over time, would a linear or logarithmic scale be more appropriate? Why?

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@Amos The choice between a linear or logarithmic scale for representing population growth over time depends on the data’s nature. A linear scale is suitable for steady changes, while a logarithmic scale works well for exponential growth or wide-ranging population sizes, facilitating visualization of both small and large changes. Ultimately, the selection should align with the graph’s intended message and audience comprehension.

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