Can i buy bitcoin with paypal?

Hey everyone, so I’ve been using PayPal for like a decade now, mostly for buying stuff, and I’ve never run into any problems. But recently, I decided to dip my toes into buying Bitcoin through the platform.

I made a few separate transactions totaling around $500, just to test the waters. Everything seemed fine until I tried to make a $25 purchase with PayPal, and suddenly, my account got suspended out of nowhere.

They froze all my assets, including about $250 in BTC.

I’ve been trying to figure out why, but no luck so far. Could it be because of those BTC transactions? It’s frustrating because PayPal offers the service, but then they shut you down without explanation.

Just wanted to share my experience and warn you guys to be cautious when dealing with PayPal and BTC.

Any Advice/help on this?

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Is paypal still reliable? Lets begin from there.

Yes paybal still exists. You can buy Crypto with your PayPal balance, a PayPal-linked debit card, or bank account.