Buying Bitcoin and crypto without ID Verification

Where to buy Bitcoin and crypto without ID Verification?

Hey everyone, So I’ve tried over 20 platforms, but every time I want to buy crypto, they ask for my ID and a picture of me holding it. It’s like being treated like a prisoner. I don’t really mind, but then they say they can’t verify me because of missing information, and it’s frustrating. I want to find a reliable platform where I can buy crypto without having to give my ID.
Any suggestion?

Have you tried silk road, like you can find anything there. Thank me later lol

Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges allow you to purchase Bitcoin without needing to provide identification. Platforms like Bisq are open-source and decentralized, ensuring transparency and security.
These exchanges operate without requiring personal information for buying or selling Bitcoin. While some sellers may ask for identification due to legal requirements, others do not necessitate any personal information. It’s essential to verify the reputation and trustworthiness of sellers before engaging in transactions to ensure a safe and secure trading experience.
Here are other platforms; ,, Buy Bitcoin in United States of America — AgoraDesk (No JavaScript)

Utilize peer-to-peer (P2P) Bitcoin marketplaces that operate without requiring Know Your Customer (KYC) verification.

  • Bisq: A P2P crypto trading platform known for its strong emphasis on privacy.
  • Hodl Hodl: A Bitcoin-centric P2P marketplace that does not mandate identity verification.
  • LocalCoinSwap: A P2P marketplace offering Bitcoin and altcoin trading without KYC requirements

Access to sub-accounts will only be granted to users who have been verified and comply with regulations. Since March 20, 2024, Binance has enforced restrictions on sub-accounts lacking compliant Know Your Customer (KYC) documentation.

Binance has recently implemented stricter KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements.

This means that since March 20, 2024, only verified users with compliant KYC documentation can access their sub-accounts.

This is to comply with regulations and ensure a safer trading environment.

Depending on your location, using a P2P platform that doesn’t comply with KYC regulations could be illegal.