Bitcoin mining space heater

Hi there Considering the Heatbit heater, which purports to heat your house while mining bitcoin.

Is there anyone in possession of one? Is it worthwhile?

It is essentially a fraud. An old Antminer S9 is housed inside a Heatbit heater. Additionally, they employ a separate fan to reduce noise. A secondhand Antminer S9 can be purchased for less than $100. The only distinction between an Antminer S9 and a Heatbit is noise level. However, a quieter S9 can also be modified.

The Heatbit heater looks like a novel way to heat your house while mining Bitcoin, but its usefulness and affordability could differ. Reviews from users can provide light on how well and how valuable something works in real life.

Just do this, If you’re into mining bitcoin, those miners suck at it. They also suck at heating your place. Get a good electric heater instead. Use the money you save on electricity bills to buy bitcoin.