Best and safe cloud mining?

I came here to learn about the best and safest cloud mining platforms. It seems like everything is a fraud. I do not know who to trust right now.

Does anyone have any excellent platform recommendations?

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Binance offers a reliable and simple Bitcoin cloud mining service with 90-day contracts. It supports daily payouts and requires low minimum contract requirements. Key features include support for Bitcoin, multiple payment methods, and easy setup with a Binance account.

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Consider using Minergate a multi-currency cloud mining platform noted for its user-friendly design and consistent rewards.

Cloud Mining Risks:
High Risk, Low Reward: Cloud mining often entails substantial upfront costs and unpredictable returns due to cryptocurrency price volatility, potentially leading to financial losses.
Potential Scams: Many cloud mining platforms turn out to be fraudulent, disappearing with investors’ funds without providing promised returns.
Limited Control: Cloud mining lacks direct oversight of mining hardware and operations, making it challenging to verify efficiency or profitability.
Safer Alternatives:

Conduct Thorough Research: If cryptocurrency interests you, consider purchasing and holding crypto directly through reputable exchanges. This approach offers greater control over your investments and reduces exposure to fraudulent schemes.
Learn About Mining: Educate yourself on cryptocurrency mining processes. This includes acquiring and configuring your own mining hardware, which demands technical expertise and substantial initial investment.

Hey, the safest, most legitimate operation I’ve ever heard of is River Financial’s mining program, which isn’t cloud mining but rather hosted mining.