Be Very Wary Of Buying BTC From PayPal

I’ve been a PayPal user for about 10 years with no issues until recently. Two weeks ago, I started buying BTC through the platform, spending around $500 in three transactions. A few days ago, I transferred $215 worth of BTC to a Canadian business, and everything went smoothly.

However, when I tried to make a $25 purchase yesterday, it wouldn’t go through. I logged into PayPal and found my account indefinitely suspended with all assets frozen (around $250 in BTC). I’ve tried to get an explanation, but no luck. It seems the BTC transactions and transfer triggered this. Why offer the service if they’re just going to deactivate accounts and seize assets?

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PayPal can be very problematic and won’t hesitate to take action against users. I deactivated my PayPal account a year ago due to their policy of confiscating funds based on disagreements over online activities or statements.

Reach out to PayPal’s customer support through their official channels. Explain your situation calmly and inquire about the reason for the account suspension and frozen funds.