Are there any tools for keeping track of retailers that accept Bitcoin?

Hey everyone! So, I’ve been getting into Bitcoin lately, and I’m curious, do any of you know of any handy tools or resources for keeping tabs on which retailers out there actually accept Bitcoin?


Hey, there are actually a few websites out there that can help you with that! One popular one is, where you can search for businesses and filter by those that accept Bitcoin. Another one is, which has a directory of businesses that accept Bitcoin payments. Give them a try!


Absolutely, Gabbana’s suggestions are spot on! In addition to those, you might want to check out the app called ‘Fold’ — it lets you earn Bitcoin rewards when you make purchases at select retailers, and it also shows you which places accept Bitcoin nearby. It’s pretty handy for keeping track of where you can use your Bitcoin.

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Hey, Gabbana and Dolph have great suggestions! Another useful resource is the Bitcoin Accepted Here website. It’s a comprehensive directory of businesses that accept Bitcoin payments worldwide. You can search by location or category to find retailers near you that support Bitcoin transactions. It’s a convenient tool for staying updated on the growing list of Bitcoin-friendly businesses.

Yes, there are several tools and resources available for keeping track of retailers that accept Bitcoin.