Are hardware wallets vulnerable to an EMP? Would it be wise to store mine in a Faraday cage?

This question is ofcoz out of paranoid. I want to know if hardware wallets are susceptible to an EMP? Would it be a good idea to store mine in a faraday cage?

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Hardware wallets can be damaged by strong EMPs. A Faraday cage blocks EMP waves, protecting your wallet. But the most important thing is your seed phrase - keep it safe even if the wallet gets fried. EMPs are unlikely, but a Faraday cage is cheap insurance for your crypto peace of mind.

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You are correct that a large EMP, such as a nuclear blast, is an extremely rare scenario. However, hardware wallets are vulnerable to EMPs, including minor ones caused by solar flares or lightning strikes.

Hardware wallets, like other electronic devices, could potentially be vulnerable to an electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

An EMP can generate a high-intensity burst of electromagnetic energy that can damage or disrupt electronic circuits.