Anyone here have experience using Bitcoin ATMs? I'm interested in hearing about your experiences!

I’m interested in trying out a Bitcoin ATM in NYC. I’m willing to travel to a recommended one if it’s better than others. Right now, I want to buy more BTC but eventually might want to sell some. Are there any Bitcoin ATMs with fees comparable to those of bank transfers or purchases with debit cards on platforms like Cash App or Coinbase?

I don’t mind KYC, but I’d prefer not to do it. Are there Bitcoin ATMs in NYC or the US that don’t require KYC for smaller transactions?

The two closest Bitcoin ATMs to me are powered by ‘Coinsource’ and ‘CoinBTM.’ Coinsource seems to focus more on selling BTC rather than buying, so I’m not sure if I can sell BTC to them.

What kind of fees can I expect from Bitcoin ATMs? Should I have my own wallet address ready, or will I use the ATM’s wallet/app? I’m worried about encountering bugs or custodial issues.

I read a post recently about someone in NYC having trouble with a Bitcoin ATM. They were worried about not getting their money back because the support team wasn’t responsive. I don’t want to end up in a similar situation.

Have any of you used a Bitcoin ATM? How was your experience? Thanks for any insights!

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Bitcoin ATMs are like special machines where you can buy cryptocurrency. Let me tell you about my experiences:

Once, I found a Bitcoin ATM at a gas station near my home. It was surprising because my town is small, but it had one!

To use it, I put cash into the machine and got Bitcoin sent to my digital wallet. But it was more expensive than buying Bitcoin online. The price was about 17% higher at the ATM.

I had to sign up for it, which meant giving my ID and taking a picture of myself. Some people might not like that because it’s not very private, but it’s how it works.

Bitcoin ATMs is the most convenient way to buy Bitcoin, especially if you don’t already have a cryptocurrency exchange account set up. They care also useful if you want to buy bitcoin with cash.