Any coin enthusiast who ever watched zeitgeist the movie?

I recall seeing this long before Bitcoin even entered the scene…Remarkably, the predictions made in it seem to be unfolding with each passing day.

I firmly believe that this film played a significant role in igniting interest in Bitcoin today.

Here’s a quick snippet featuring the Fed from the movie.

It sounds like you’ve delved into quite the rabbit hole! “Zeitgeist” is definitely known for its controversial and thought-provoking content, touching on various conspiracy theories and socio-political critiques. The segment about money and banking in particular tends to catch the attention of coin enthusiasts due to its exploration of the Federal Reserve, central banking, and the nature of currency itself. While some viewers find the film’s perspectives enlightening, I sometimes approach it with skepticism, as with any documentary that delves into conspiracy theories. Don’t be swayed by any of the ideas presented in “Zeitgeist”