Am I scammed? @BTC @Roobet

Hi to all of you,
I transferred my Bitcoin from Roobet to Coinbase yesterday, or at least that was the goal. ‘Low fee’ (± 4 USD) was the option I chose for the transaction.

The transaction has several confirmations, according to, however my bitcoin has not yet been deposited into my Coinbase account.

Am I being scammed, have I lost my money, or is there any chance left?

Please, you could really help me! Of course, I’ll donate some money (in Bitcoin) to my hero of the day.


It sounds like you’re concerned about a potential scam related to Bitcoin and Roobet. It’s crucial to be cautious when dealing with cryptocurrency and online platforms.


Most regulated exchanges avoid involvement with casinos. It’s best to use an intermediary wallet between the two.

Open CB and check the BTC section for transactions. If there’s a pending or completed transaction, it received it. CB waits for 6 confirmations before acknowledging a transaction. If you cancel a pending transaction, it stays pending forever.

It seems you might be out of luck. BTC only goes where directed. Something went wrong when copying your CB address to the site. It could be a site scam, an issue on CB’s end, user error (did you double-check the address?), or malware hijacking your clipboard.

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You need to use an intermediate wallet in between next time!