Why does it seem like everyone gambles?

After arriving to the UK, I have noticed something really strange, so I have to ask: Does it seem like gambling is absolutely everywhere here? I am referring about advertisements on billboards, buses, and social media accounts. Half of the advertisements when I watched a football game were for betting applications. My friends even appear to be checking their betting applications more frequently than their communications. Is this something significant, or am I the only one? I actually don’t have a problem with it because I play on Stake and have won pretty often, but like, I knew about the betting shops on the high streets but didn’t expect it to be this in-your-face. Is it just a cultural thing or is there more to it? Would love to get your thoughts cause it’s kinda fascinating but also a bit overwhelming.

Gambling advertisements are indeed pervasive in the UK, especially around sports events. It’s a significant cultural phenomenon driven by a robust betting industry. Your observation is common; it’s both fascinating and overwhelming.

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We crave the thrill of gambling! The unknown outcome is exciting, and even after losses, the chance of winning big keeps us hooked.