Which wallet does not require KYC?


Is there a wallet that can be used without requiring KYC? I am looking for ways to maintain my cryptocurrency holdings securely and confidentially without having to go through KYC verification. Any advice or firsthand knowledge about these wallets?


If you want to acquire bitcoin without KYC, you can do so peer-to-peer by discovering sellers, attending Bitcoin meetups, or using platforms such as Bisq, RoboSats, Hodl Hodl, AgoraDesk, and LocalCoinSwap. These exchanges do not require personal information to complete transactions. Bitcoin ATMs also allow for KYC-free purchases of smaller amounts, however they are equipped with cameras for security. Some merchants on peer-to-peer marketplaces may require ID to comply with rules or prevent fraud.

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The ELECTRUM wallet is among the most established and famous open-source wallets. It doesn’t demand KYC and does not seem to have a spending limit.

Actually, there’s no such thing as a KYC crypto wallet. Okay I am the one who has not heard of such

Maybe check out more reliable sources, like the Resources section.