Which bitcoin app is best for buying bitcoin?

Should I use Coin Base or another app because I’m not sure which one to trust?

Please don’t message me if you are a scammer; I will know you are.

Since I’m new too, I was told to utilize Kraken by several folks.

I wanted to purchase my bitcoin via a method that wasn’t KYC, but I quickly discovered that this is far more difficult and expensive.

I so made the decision to remain with Kraken until I get more knowledge about non-kyc and in general.

Kraken has a solid reputation, and I can attest to their lightning-fast deposits and affordable fees. I haven’t made a withdrawal yet since I’m holding out for at least 500 euros in Bitcoin.

In the US, coinbase, kraken, Gemini, strike, CashApp.

Coinbase is the best. It supports multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, and offers secure storage options.

Some wallet apps do allow for in-app purchases, but I believe this is a bad idea in general, and you’ll almost likely pay a premium for it.

There are essentially two ways to purchase Bitcoin:

Directly from someone who already owns Bitcoin (certain sites and services can aid with this). Another option is to be paid directly in Bitcoin for work or services. (Or, Bitcoin v4v/donation… for example, a podcaster receiving BTC from listeners).

Use an exchange to convert fiat dollars or other cryptocurrency into Bitcoin. This is how most people purchase it. The possibilities available to you are determined by where you live. I am in Canada and use Bull Bitcoin.