When will the market cap of bitcoin equal that of gold?

Isn’t it electronic gold?

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Predicting when or if Bitcoin’s market cap will match that of gold is challenging. Here’s an overview of the current situation:

Current Market Caps:

As of July 10th, 2024, Bitcoin’s market cap stands at approximately $1 trillion, whereas gold’s market cap is around $14 trillion. There exists a considerable disparity between the two.

Bitcoin’s Volatility: Bitcoin is notorious for its high volatility, resulting in significant price fluctuations over short periods. In contrast, gold is traditionally viewed as a more stable store of value.

Adoption and Regulation: Broader adoption of Bitcoin and clearer regulatory frameworks could potentially bolster its market cap. Conversely, stringent government regulations targeting cryptocurrencies might impede its growth.

Bitcoin vs. Electronic Gold:

Similarities: Both Bitcoin and gold are considered stores of value, capable of retaining their worth over time. They also share a finite supply, contributing to their perceived value.

Differences: Bitcoin is a digital asset relying on trust in its technology and limited supply for value. Gold, on the other hand, derives its value from historical use as currency, industrial applications, and scarcity as a physical commodity.

Will Bitcoin Ever Equal Gold’s Market Cap?

The outcome remains uncertain. Achieving parity with gold would necessitate significant expansion and widespread acceptance of Bitcoin. While some anticipate Bitcoin’s potential to evolve into a mainstream payment method, skepticism persists among others.

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Predicting when Bitcoin’s market cap will equal that of gold is challenging due to the volatility of cryptocurrencies and the stability of gold. While some analysts speculate it could happen within decades if Bitcoin continues its growth trajectory, others are more skeptical. Current estimates remain highly speculative and uncertain.

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I believe that Bitcoin will have a lower inflating rate than gold after halving. Considering the ETFs and FASB rule change, along with the fact that only a small fraction of the population has embraced bitcoin, it seems like we are on the brink of a major breakthrough. It’s quite possible that gold could be surpassed in the coming years.

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I believe there will be an exciting back-and-forth as various governments use gold and bitcoin to underpin their currencies.

Gold/silver may be headed for a supply shock shortly, but so is bitcoin. This bull run will be quite exciting.