What are the most cost-effective methods to purchase Bitcoin?

Hey friends, I’ve been dollar-cost averaging (DCA) into Bitcoin and regularly moving it to cold storage. I’m based in the US and have been using Coinbase and Robinhood so far. I’m curious for someone buying like me, what’s the most cost-effective way to purchase Bitcoin here? I’m considering Cash App and other exchanges too. Any advice would be much appreciated.


I suggest two excellent companies focused solely on Bitcoin:

  1. For dollar-cost averaging (DCA) from your bank account: River offers zero fees on DCA plans after 7 days.
  2. For converting direct deposits into Bitcoin: Cash App has zero fees.

Consider the amount you’re purchasing; I recommend consolidating your transfers rather than moving into cold storage weekly. Aim to move 500,000 or more satoshis at a time.


You have the option to convert direct deposits into Bitcoin through Coinbase without any fees.

Alternatively, depending on your purchase volume and current fee structure, it could be advantageous to pay the $240 annual fee for Coinbase One to enjoy zero trading fees.

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It’s important for people to realize that fees are not the only factor to consider; high spreads can significantly impact your costs. Even if a service advertises $0 fees, they may compensate with a wider spread.