Top site to purchase bitcoin and transfer it to a different wallet

Hello, I’m searching for the best location to purchase bitcoin and transfer it to an external wallet. Right now, I’m using, but I feel like the set withdrawal charge of 0.0004 bitcoin is a bit excessive. Is there somewhere where I can transfer bitcoin with less taxes?

1 Like withdrawal fees can feel steep. Consider looking into cryptocurrency exchanges like Gemini or Coinbase. They often have lower or variable fees depending on the amount you’re transferring. Remember, every exchange has its pros and cons, so research a bit before switching

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Buying options depend on your location and your reason for purchasing.

Coinbase and Cash App are likely the easiest options, but they lack privacy.

If privacy is important to you, try a Bitcoin ATM (BTM) or peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions with cash. Avoid verifying your driver’s license with these methods to maintain your privacy. In some countries, this is the best way to buy Bitcoin and can be considered for any use. In the United States, prices are typically 6-12% higher due to higher buy demand than sell demand.

Definitely get a private wallet for yourself. If you use Coinbase or Cash App, your Bitcoin will remain on their platform, similar to leaving it in a bank with a limited track record of protecting funds. Despite what anyone says, Bitcoin hasn’t existed long enough for any company to have a long-term track record.

For new users, I usually recommend Coinomi. It’s simple and the setup process provides a lot of useful information. However, be aware that it displays ads in a banner at the top of your wallet overview—never click them.

If you want to upgrade to something better, I recommend Samourai (Android only) or Electrum (best on PC).

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Strike, Swan, and Gemini Active Trader are the top choices for buying Bitcoin and moving it to an external wallet with low fees.